Nirmal Kumar

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My mother told me this word "declutter" yesterday, pointing out that I need to de-clutter my room sooner. It has become a mess recently with lots of junk that I don’t need.

It was quite a surprise for me that she knows this term. Probably she'd have gotten it from watching YouTube videos which she watches often whilst doing her work.

Suddenly a thought came to my mind now, I mean right now. It is not only about decluttering, but it very much proves a pertinent recipient for creativity. The points that I’m going to mention below regarding creativity will also contain more attributes apart from declutter.

Creativity links to our emotional intelligence, even for a mathematician who solves with logic does have one or other forms of emotional intelligence nevertheless of the disagreement if there is anybody who disagrees with this. This much is certain for me.

Now coming to one of the nuggets of creativity, that is decluttering your mind. By doing that, we put out the standing thousand elephants on our head and lit the fire that brings us onto more new thought-processes.

This also means forgetting, by which I mean - forgetting the happenings that trouble you because this often keeps you in a state of turmoil with fear and worriedness. In order to do this, you need to enter into a space where the things that trouble you is not within the reach of your subconscious mind. The subconscious mind will act as an agent for you to get into this space where creative freedom evolves.

This could mean eccentricity to some, like the usual talk goes. Who cares about that anyway if you want to have some kick in life that you could share with your grandchild later, I mean if you could live up to that stage. Alright, let’s come back to the point – this way of tricking your habits and bringing it into force where you play yourself with your subconscious mind, we de-clutter the unwanted happenings at the subconscious level. And that will lead you to the phase of creative freedom.

Note that this phase of creative freedom has a threshold from person to person. It can stay for a longer period of time or at a short term. But rest assured – when you can lit that fire in you, you will not be yourself to worry about this.