Nirmal Kumar

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In praise of silent voice


Our societal norms is not only filled with people pertaining to the attributes of materialistic life, it also contains this false appreciation of superiority to the ones who makes the noise more than others.

I would characterize this as materialist voice. A materialist voice fame oneself onto the glory of power by falsehood perception that everything belongs and pertain to the ones who put forth the voice.

Whereas, the silent voice doesn’t crave this mania, since it doesn’t wave about the perspective or motive towards the falsehood of oneself or the others. The silent voice belongs to the self which doesn’t know to part ways towards one or the other. There is no separation in itself.

The perseverance of silence is silence. The words of no words is silence. Silence touches beyond the realm of words. It determines the aspective towards clarity in life. Silence cannot be suppressed, it can only be witnessed.

In the world we live in where the masters of the materialist voice perceives that there is no accordance to the nature of oneself is within oneself. They think the actions that they take regards to the wellness of others or for themselves are based on external happenings. The silent voice exemplifies that the worrisome of these external happenings is the source of not being one in harmony within oneself.

The proximity of silence can get others’ awareness directing to their cause and transform themselves onto the path of seeking for oneness and harmony.

Henceforth, in praise of silence, I try to say that in the connotation within the realm of words -- it prevails.