Nirmal Kumar

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My admiration and respect for Bruce Lee


Many generations come and go and as an individual you most likely have few people in the past to admire and learn from them and try to incorporate the working some of those characteristics for you.

And for me, Bruce Lee is one such person. I'll try to explain how and why his life had impacted me on my professional carrier and more so with my personal life. More importantly, I'm going to convey this in my own style without formally reading his books or books written by others about him.

We all know that Bruce Lee is not just an extraordinary martial artist but also a deep thinker. So, that much I know from watching videos about him and some resources and his quotations that I learned from the Internet. Hence, I'm going to give a brief of what my perspectives about him are.

Bruce Lee Interview by Pierre Berton

Bruce Lee's simple philosophy of living is his explanation of "Be Water" portrayed in his The "Lost" Interview in Pierre Berton show. There is a catch in that which is very important where he says "be formless and shapeless". It means that if you are too rigid on yourself; you cannot grow and mature in your life. It can be seen in his fighting style that were changed and adopted during different phases of his life and coming up with his own martial artform called Jeet Kune Do.

It doesn't end there; he also puts one more important point in that interview which is the yin-yang philosophy. He portrays that as - "You cannot be too natural or too unnatural, the ideal solution is natural unnaturalness or unnatural naturalness".

This is what they say in Buddhism, walking the middle path or to put in other terms, the way of life is to change what you can, but never lose to go with the flow as well.

One of those many thoughts of Bruce Lee that was said by his close knits and his students is he wants you to live by your own goals with your own principles and not just being a mere follower of somebody or himself, but expressing yourself honestly to others and to the world.

There are many players in this world, who inspire by talk. But the man in the arena guy for me is Bruce Lee. Because his very living in this world is an example that one can succeed with hard work, determination and deep focus.